PASEO Kitchen Paper Towels

PASEO Kitchen Paper Towels are certified to be safe to be in contact with food, making them ideal for lining bowls before nesting food on top or to blot excess oil from cooked food.


In addition, they’re made from renewable plantation fibre, making them biodegradable and a good environmental choice.


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Discover the PASEO Difference
Introducing the PASEO range...
The perfect blend of pure fibre and pure softness ensuring you get nothing less than pure luxury. The PASEO difference lies in tissues that are free from optical brightening agent, hypoallergenic and made from 100% virgin plantation fibre.
What makes us different?

PASEO supports responsible forest management and is Green Label Certified. By choosing PASEO, you can do your part to protect the environment.

Chinese New Year Special Pack
PASEO's Chinese New Year Travel Soft Pack now available at leading supermarkets.
Winner of Domestic Diva Awards

PASEO is proud to announce that we are the winner in

The Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Awards for:

  • 2015 Favourite Box Tissue

  • 2014 Favourite Box Tissue 

  • 2013 Favourite Kitchen Towels